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A “Petsecure” Pet Health Insurance Company Ltd. Pet Insurance Policy Provides Reimbursement Coverage For Your Pets Eligible Medical Treatments, Surgeries, Lab Fees, Previsions And More, So That You Can Make Optimal Health Care Decisions For Your Pet Based On Your Veterinarian Recommendation, Rather Than On The Cost Of Treatment.

The Insurance Cost Is Refundable Upon Presentation Of A Valid Identification Paper, Be It A Drivers License, Or Social Security Card. We Just Need This Insurance As A Cover For The Pet. This Is A Required Pet Insurance And Is Valid For Life Time.






Pets safely transported in the last 30 days.

The Insurance Benefits Is As Follow

  • Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Accidents And Illnesses
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Maximum Benefit
  • Chronic Conditions Covered At No Extra Cost Use Any Vet, Anywhere.
  • Your Dogs Won’t Be Dropped From Coverage, Regardless Of Age

Pets Check-up

All Pets And Animals Are Checked Up At The Pet Baggage Department Prior To Shipment. A Vet Doctor Is Responsible For This And It Is Done To Ensure The Puppy Has Met Up With Regulations On All Vet Certificates And Health Papers.
To Make Sure That Your Puppy Is Up To Date On All Vaccination. It Will Help To Know If The Puppy Has All The Necessary Papers. Will Help To Know That The Puppy Have All Available Health.

Papers And Certificate To Make Sure That No Quarantine Will Takes Place When The Puppy Arrive at your State. All The Above Has Been Confirmed For Shipping. (Except For The Refundable Insurance License Which Is Required)

Our Insurance Policy Rates

  • Animals Between 1lbs To 6lbs (1-6):………USD 780.00 Refundable Insurance Policy
  • Animals Between 6lbs To 8lbs (6-8):………USD 1,000.00 s Refundable Insurance Policy.
  • Animals Between 8lbs To 14lbs (8-14):…….USD 1,400.00 Refundable Insurance Policy.
  • Animals Between 14lbs To 19lbs (14-19):…..USD 1,800.00 Refundable Insurance Policy.
  • Animals Between 19lbs To 25lbs (19-25):…..USD 2,100.00 Refundable Insurance Policy.
  • Animals Above 25lbs :……………………………….USD 2,400.00 Refundable Insurance Policy